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Here is a quick summary of what we are talking about
(certainly incomplete and reductive but effective)

God the creator of the whole universe, has made everything perfect and the human being is the center, the "flagship", of all this wonderful project.


He created him in His image and likeness so that he could have a relationship with him and live by governing and enjoying himself

on earth.


Only prohibition? Eating of the fruit of the plant in the center of the garden whose consequence would have been death. The man failed.


That prohibition was not a "trap or trap" but a necessary warning to a creature that God loved.

Love was the engine of creation, because God is Love, and his love had already prepared the solution.


Jesus "the Lamb of God" was the exchange that God the Father had prepared before the foundation of the world,

for him to replace us in the condemnation, receiving us through him, his grace!


So we, in the guise of our forefather Adam, acted against a prohibition by lacking trust in God our Creator but now placing our trust in Jesus (i.e. by believing that He, just, died in my place, unjust ) we will be freely forgiven.

Justified. Save yourself. Redeemed.


Free yourself therefore from the Law (from its consequences)

we can now act by loving and forgiving in turn

as we await the Return of the Lord to be with Him forever...




We all have them! Come and discover with us

all the answers we find in the Bible

with the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

Want an even shorter summary? 
Gospel of John 3:16

"So long as God loved men so much that he gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life!"

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