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The Apostolic Evangelical Mission was officially born in Viareggio in 2015

from a group of believers who aspire to live the entire Council of God in an ever more complete way.

Our motto we always refer to is

Colossians 1:18 ... "so that (Jesus Christ) has primacy in everything"

We want to be a Christ-centric community


Our roots go back to the Scriptures and to the various revivals that took place throughout history


We are part of the great evangelical family spread throughout the world, we have a Pentecostal imprint and we recognize ourselves in the awakening of Wales that took place at the beginning of the 1900s


We are currently part of the national association

"United to serve"

which wants to be an instrument of service and communion for the various communities that adhere to it

not wanting to be a denomination but an association of churches

where the autonomy of every local reality is respected


Currently our office is located in

via Aurelia Sud 160, Viareggio.


The community is cared for by the

Pastor Thomas Satariano

together with some collaborators who express the deacons and services towards the Church

because we consider collegiality a strength and a safeguard.

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