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Sites and applications that we find interesting and useful

Il Faro Counseling Onlus is a non-profit association, born towards the end of 2014, from the vision of the dott.ssa Stefania Manara Marchi, after a period of professional and spiritual training in Italy, Gran Brittany and Denmark accompanied by a path of healing, change and continuous personal growth

Bible APP

Here you can visit the Youversion website to consult or download the Bible app for free

What can you do with this application? Many things! First of all read the entire Bible in over 900 languages! Decide on the format of the characters,

the measure

and moreover enroll in "reading plans" that allow you to have a daily time of reading the Bible with a method to read systematically or thematically!


For example, you can read the New Testament in 60 days, or you can read the verses concerning the theme of Hope in a daily plan of 5 days ... and many others.

Everything is done always and only with the Word of God


You can search for words or whole verses.


For some versions you can also listen to the audio version!


Then creating a free account you can get in touch with many brothers all over the world by creating and sharing "verse images" like this!



Site of the Apostle

Paolo Montecchi


A site to find more than 150 articles on Christian faith and spiritual growth written by Pastor Paolo in his 50 years of ministry. The Pastor also collaborates with us, having started a Bible school course and coming to visit us regularly.

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